Inform the decision-making process!

Execute with confidence using the Drill-Down Dashboard.

The COGNETIQ Drill-Down Dashboard is a market-leading security reporting capability that allows managers and executives to understand enterprise security performance from a variety of perspectives:

  • Geographically (global, national, state, suburb etc.),
  • Organisationally (e.g., site types),
  • Functionally (e.g., line of business or department),
  • By control category (e.g., PERSEC, INFOSEC or PHYSEC controls), and
  • By additional customised criteria.

Other standard reporting includes:

  • security program performance,
  • security-in-depth model (deter, detect, delay, respond and recover),
  • program progress,
  • site dashboards,
  • category dashboards,
  • control status and source data.

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