Security Controls Assured

Assure all your governance, information, personnel, and physical security controls across your entire site portfolio with the first purpose-built security controls assurance software for critical infrastructure and government.

No need for expensive consultants

Created and supported by security experts.

Our team of government and critical infrastructure security experts designed the COGNETIQ methodology and are here to support your team.

The COGNETIQ assessment interface is so intuitive that after a 20-minute training webinar your internal workforce are ready to collect credible security controls data from the field.

Baseline Assessment UI

Inform the decision-making process!

Execute with confidence using the Drill-Down Dashboard.

The COGNETIQ Drill-Down Dashboard is a market-leading security reporting capability that allows managers and executives to understand enterprise security performance from a variety of perspectives.

Reporting UI

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COGNETIQ is a 100% Australian owned and operated business.

All data is stored onshore in Australia.


All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Best practice security architecture deployed on IRAP-assessed infrastructure.


Solution can be deployed to any cloud or on-premise server.

Data can be stored offshore, in a region of your choice, if necessary.

Trusted by organisations around Australia

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Case Study

Energy Sector Security Program

The real-world case study involves a significant electricity distributor on Australia's east coast, providing power to nearly 2 milion customers in Sydney, the Central Coast, and Hunter region of New South Wales.

They used COGNETIQ and a low-cost workforce to assure security controls across hundreds of sites distributed across NSW.

Using third-party consultants to capture data on spreadsheets to assure these sites to the same level of detail costs upwards of $500,000.

Aside from monetary savings, the client now has a growing database of valuable information and powerful reporting tools to support decision making into the future.

Let's discuss how COGNETIQ can work for you

COGNETIQ is an adaptable assurance solution with applications across governance, risk, compliance, safety, cyber, security, environment and asset management to name a few.

COGNETIQ was a transformational product for our protective security assurance program. The software enabled our team to collect data from the field at a fraction of the cost of using external consultants.

The inbuilt reporting allowed us to quickly move from the field assessment to generating insights - enabling us to make informed decisions on how best to protect our infrastructure.

While anonymised for protection of our customers' interests, both the case study describes a real-world project, and the testimonial is a real-world feedback from a Protective Security project manager.

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