No need for expensive consultants

Created and supported by security experts.

Our team of government and critical infrastructure security experts designed the COGNETIQ methodology and are here to support your team.

The COGNETIQ assessment interface is so intuitive that after a 20-minute training webinar your internal workforce are ready to collect credible security controls data from the field.

Every site is mapped to the correct baseline security standard, ensuring the right data is collected and all control questions are applicable.

The field assessor can add notes for context, take photos from the field in real-time using their tablet, and upload files as supporting evidence.

The Field Guide provides helpful text and photographic supplements to assist the field assessor to complete each control assessment with confidence.

The embedded Task Management System allows assessors and managers to flag issues from the field or office for the attention of the Program Manager who can prioritise, allocate and track remediation of control failures.

If you already use a task management system, COGNETIQ can use its API to supply it with data. Doing so will avoid task management duplication.

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